People’s Bank Of China Buys Gold While Americans Buy Art & Real Estate

23 Apr , 2015  


The People’s Bank of China has tripled its gold stockpile since 2009, according to the Bloomberg Intelligence report, while, in the meantime, sales of previously owned US homes increased in March to the highest mark since September 2013, according to the National Association of Realtors. The BlackRock CEO has called art and real estate a better [...]

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Texas Bill to Establish Bullion Depository, Make Gold and Silver Money Once More

17 Apr , 2015  


Texans could soon be allowed to pay with gold and silver coins minted by the federal government for taxes and other government services – namely, the American Silver Eagle and the American Gold Eagle – thanks to a bill proposed by Sen. Konni Burton, R-Colleyville. Burton argues the option to pay in gold and silver [...]


The Future Of Mining With Robots

17 Apr , 2015  


Robotic mining has been in the news in recent months. While this technology is geared towards mining numerous types of resources, it will have considerable implications for precious metals, as well.  It could have implications for mining on land, underwater as well as in space. On land, Timetric’s Mining Intelligence Centre (MIC) estimates that 48% [...]


NFL Goes For The Gold In 2015 To Celebrate Super Bowl 50

26 Mar , 2015  


The Super Bowl’s golden anniversary is coming up this season and the NFL will be celebrating with the ultimate symbol of wealth: gold, the commodity which served man as money for many centuries. During the 2015 season, NFL fans will see gold everywhere as the league prepares for Super Bowl 50, which will be played [...]


A Gold Superyacht For Ladies

26 Mar , 2015  


La Belle is an 80-meter gold and crystal-encrusted superyacht described as a floating “boudoir for women” by its female designer. “There will not be any boy’s toys — such as pool tables or beer kegs — on board,” Italian designer, Lidia Bersani, told CNN. “But there will be a fantastic spa with a beauty center, large mirrors, [...]


Will Governments Turn To Mining Gold From Feces To Pay Down Debt?

24 Mar , 2015  


There is much literature on the financial conditions of municipal governments in the US. Are things getting so bad financially for local governments that they are considering sorting through your feces for gold? According to scientists, fortunes are going down the drain in human feces, arguing that the amount of gold going down the drain [...]


Six Gold Coins From 1860 Stolen From Pony Express Museum

23 Mar , 2015  


Six gold coins originating from the time of the Pony Express have been stolen from a Missouri museum. Among the coins, which were minted in 1860,  are five in extremely fine condition and worth approximately $6,000 per, according to Cindy Daffron, the executive director of the Pony Express National Museum in St. Joseph. Taken were [...]


Will China Adopt Bitcoin?

18 Mar , 2015  


Currency war between China and the US has been on the mind’s of financial analysts, and has mostly been about China reconsidering the dollar as a global reserve currency while China itself is a major stakeholder of the dollar. A debate is raging about what would happen if the Chinese adopted Bitcoin. If China started [...]


European Central Bank Protests Turn Chaotic

18 Mar , 2015  


Police in Frankfurt, Germany had barricaded with barbed wire the European Central Bank headquarters in preparation for demonstrations against “government austerity and capitalism.” Those demonstrations have come and gone, leaving a mess behind. The so-called “Blockupy” alliance said activists were planning a blockade of the new headquarters of the ECB before a ceremony Wednesday to inaugurate the [...]


Blythe Masters Goes From Silverbug Enemy #1 To Bitcoin Darling

17 Mar , 2015  

Blythe Masters, global head of commodities at J.P. Morgan Ch

Originally appeared on Bitcoinomics.Net Until last week, Blythe Masters was the butt-of-jokes from individuals like Max Keiser and the subject of many memes. In this episode of The Keiser Report, Max Keiser clarifies the claim by Blythe Masters that JP Morgan does not manipulate silver prices. In this following meme, Banzai7 goes a bit further.