A Brief Recent History Of Precious Metals Manipulation Investigations

25 Feb , 2015  


Although terms like “free market” are often used to describe modern life,  evidence of command-and-control markets  keeps finding its way into headlines, most notably with Libor – the rigging of global interest rates (or the price of money) – shocking the world What fewer know is the consistent investigation by national authorities into the rigging [...]


Precious Metals Manipulation Revisited: Banks Facing Scrutiny By DoJ

24 Feb , 2015  


Amid investigations and fines levied for rigging markets, major global banks have felt a little pressure on their bottom line. The investigations are not stopping. Despite the fact that European regulators dropped a precious metals manipulation probe, US officials have announced their investigation of no fewer than 10 major banks for the possible rigging of [...]


Dollar Vigilante Ed Bugos On The Next Phase In Gold’s Secular Bull Market & Why He’s No Gold Bug

23 Feb , 2015  


The following interview is by GoldSilverBitcoin with The Dollar Vigilante’s Ed Bugos. To receive more of Ed’s insights, click here.  GSB: Ed, thank you for taking time to do this!  Ed Bugos: Justin, thank you for having me. GSB: When did you become a gold bug and why?  ED: Justin, I first became bullish on gold in [...]


Here’s Why Apple Watch Shows People Still Love Gold

23 Feb , 2015  


The high-end version of the new Apple Watch might set a new record in terms of cost for Apple, which is planning to order over 5 million units of the Apple Watch for its initial run, according to a Wall Street Journal report Tuesday. Half of those will be the most basic model, which are [...]


Major Discovery Highlight’s Gold’s Long History As Money

23 Feb , 2015  


A major discovery of more than 2,000 gold coins off the north-central coast of Israel could prove to be a part of the largest gold hoard ever found in the eastern Mediterranean, say archaeologists. The discovery highlights the long history of gold as money. The coins have been identified as dinars, which was the official [...]


One Government Has No Problem Confiscating Gold. Is It Yours?

19 Feb , 2015  


In recent months a lucky Chinese herdsman stumbled onto a 17-pound gold nugget. But there are now questions swirling around just how lucky he truly is as China’s government may force him to turn over the nugget to the state as it is a public “mineral resource.” The ethnic Kazak herdsman tripped over the gold [...]


Blockchain Girl Janina Lowisz On The BlockchainID, World Citizenship & Marriage and Divorce On The Blockchain

18 Feb , 2015  


Originally appeared on Bitcoinomics The following interview was conducted by Bitcoinomics.Net with Janina Lowisz, the first “holder” of a “Blockchain ID,” about the Blockchain ID, world citizenship and numerous other topics relating to the BlockchainID.  What is a BlockchainID? The blockchain ID was invented by Chris Ellis from World Crypto Network and Bitnation founder Susanne [...]


Royal Canadian Mint Releases Latest Coins in Gold and Silver Bullion Series

16 Feb , 2015  


The Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) has made a splash in the silver and gold investment community as late with many of their limited mintage bullion coins, such as the Wildlife Series and others, including the Birds Of Prey silver bullion coins and the Call of the Wild gold bullion coins, the latest coins of which [...]


Consolidation In The Gold Mining Industry As Companies Overextend

11 Feb , 2015  


There is consolidation taking place in the gold mining industry as the market volatility takes out companies at all levels of the industry, from coin dealers to miners. Amid a 12-year bull run ending in 2014, $30 billion in debt was taken on by gold miners. The miners which minimized their borrowing are now in [...]


Gold-Plated Cell Phone Dealers Aren’t Feeling So Bearish

11 Feb , 2015  


Gold is in style. As Fox news declares, “Forget the fast cars and flashy jewelry.”  It’s about the gold-plated cell phones, a serious luxury item. It’s the new way for people to distinguish themselves as one-percenters.  Want to look important? Well, people are doing it the same way they’ve always done it: with precious metals. [...]